2013:  Goleta Beach Managed Retreat Visual Simulations (AMEC)

Illustrations showing historical states of Goleta Beach in the last century, based on aerial photos and engineering data.

2012:  Piru Creek Nature Trail Signage (Elihu Gevirtz)

Bi-lingual signs made to educate residents of a Federally financed housing project to help them appreciate native plants and animals.

2011:  Rising Tree Wind Farm Peer Review (SAIC)

Videoscapes provided peer review of visual simulations and shadow flicker studies.

2010:  Hunter's Point Development Peer Review (SAIC)

Videoscapes provided peer review of shadow studies provided in the EIR for accuracy and compliance with applicable codes

2010:  Santa Clara River Data Mapping  (US Fish and Wildlife)
More Information

GIS based data mapping and conversion to illustration quality maps.

2010:  North American combined Wind/Solar Facility (Element Power)

GIS based modeling used to generate  photo simulations, installation visualization, and promotional images

2009:  NRG Solar Plant, El Paso, Texas   (SAIC)

Photo simulations showing proposed power plant in inactive and active states

2009:  El Paradiseo Ranch, Gaviota Coast, SB County   (AMEC)

Photo simulations showing detailed depictions of proposed ranch homes as they would appear from sensitive viewing locations

2008:  Knollwood Meadows Color Studies   (Towbes Group)

Videoscapes "finished" the buildings under construction and created depictions of their final appearance to assist in paint color choices

2008:  Ocean View Plaza Hotel Shadow Studies   (Padre Associates)
More Information

Videoscapes created graphics using a location based daylight simulator to identify shoreline areas that would be shaded by proposed construction
2008:  Shopping Center Remodel   (Recuerdo Properties))

Shopping Center in New York City was modeled and various resurfacing options were tried out using computer renderings

2008:  SoCal Gas Drilling Rig, Visual Impact (Padre Associates)

Photo simulations showing  depictions of drilling rig (including night views) from sensitive viewing locations

2007:  Clearwater Port Floating LNG Terminal   (Northstar Energy)More Information
Two year study searching for sensitive viewpoints and creating photo simulations, including night time views, of the proposed terminal
2007:  Oxnard Transportation Options   (MNS Engineers)More Information
Two year study of traffic control options,  including aerial view photo simulations.
2007:  City of Santa Barbara Scenic Views Inventory   (URS)More Information
Search for, select, review with city staff, and document  the important viewsheds within the city.
2006:  Isla Vista Master Plan, County of Santa Barbara  (SAIC)

Visualizations of full build-out as would occur under different height and set-back restrictions.
2005:  City of Taft Redevelopment Plan   (Alex Pujo)

Plan and perspective views of proposed redevelopment in the city of Taft along an old railway easement.
2004:  Cottage Hospital Remodel, Santa Barbara  (Brian Cearnal)

Panoramic photo illustrations from different views of the initial design concept.
2003:  Marborg Re-cycling Plant, Santa Barbara  (Lenvik and Minor)

Photo simulations depicting the project from several views, including from the 101 freeway.
2002:  Simi Valley Landfill Expansion  (SAIC)

Using USGS three dimensional terrain data, Videoscapes modeled the proposed landfill mass and made photo simulations of sensitive views.
2001:  Entrada de Santa Barbara, Ritz-Carlton  (SAIC)
More Information
Extensive photo simulations were prepared to depict the controversial project from sensitive points of view.
2000:  Parking Lot No. 6., City of Santa Barbara  (Wilbur-Smith)

Photo simulations, including from the courthouse tower, show the proposed parking lot through various design modifications
1999:  Harris Grade Housing Project, Santa Barbara County

High resolution terrain modeling was used to accurately depict the proposed homes as they would appear from sensitive views
1998:  Rice Ranch Housing Development, Orcutt, Ca.  (SAIC)

High resolution terrain modeling from survey data was used to accurately depict the proposed homes as they would appear from sensitive views
1997:  Point Orient Tank Farm, Richmond, Ca  (SAIC)

Huge oil storage tanks were modeled and sited to prepare visual simulation documentation of the proposed project.
1996:  Old Town Goleta Re-development Visualization

Depiction of an architect's concept showing build- out of the proposed redevelopment effort along Hollister Ave, Goleta, Ca.
1995:  San Ysidro Ranch Poolhouse Concept Study

Videoscapes began in 1995 in association with Mon-Arc Designs, in Montecito, California.