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  Acquiring the Base Photo for a Photo Simulation (1)

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Camera Matching:
The location of the camera must be recorded, either by marking an aerial photo or site plan, or recording the GPS coordinates.  Videoscapes uses a camera mounted GPS device which appends the picture file written by the camera, providing latitude, longitude, and elevation.

The orientation of the camera must also be recorded.  Under no circumstances should the horizon be anything other than level (green line).  This can be confirmed by using a bubble level mounted on the tripod or the camera.  The compass bearing, that is, the direction in which the camera is "looking" can be recorded with a digital compass.  This is typically expressed as degrees of a circle, with 0 being North, 90  being East, 180  South, and 270  being West. Be sure to specify magnetic or true North.

Camera tilt is expressed as degrees, with 0  being perfectly horizontal, -90  is looking straight up at the sky, and 90  would be looking straight down.  If the location of  the camera is higher or lower than the project, it may have to be tilted to frame the picture properly.  This can be read off of a tripod mounted protractor.
The lens focal length must also be recorded.  This is the subject of the next page.